One problem facing the companies that make virtual-reality technology, such as Facebook-owned Oculus VR, is a lack Yabo亚博全站APP登录官网入口of true “presence.” When you strap on VR goggles and drop into a digital environment, you can’t see or interact with your real-life hands.以Facebook旗下Oculus VR公司为代表的虚拟现实技术公司面对的众多问题是,这种技术无法带给确实的“现场感”。当你戴着上虚拟现实头盔,并不知不觉地沉浸于到数字世界之中,你是无法确实看见其中的事物,或者用双手与之对话的。At this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment, the tech giant’s video game division, showed off its solution. The latest version of its Morpheus VR headset works in coordination with PlayStation Move controllers to allow the wearer to use his or her hands.在今年的旧金山“游戏开发者大会”上,索尼电脑娱乐公司展出了自己的解决方案。该公司的最新款“梦神”(Morpheus)虚拟现实头盔可与PlayStation Move体感控制器协同工作,容许穿着者用于自己的双手。


Sony has been experimenting with virtual reality technology for years, long before Oculus founder Palmer Luckey put together his first Rift prototype. Sony used its PlayStation Eye and PlayStation 3 console to test head-tracking technology in the mid-2000s and later built prototype head-mounted displays, known as HMDs. One of the reasons why Sony has been able to commit to an early 2016 release date for its consumer VR product is because of its extensive research and development in the field.早在Oculus公司创始人帕尔默o拉基装配自己的首台Rift原型机很久以前,索尼公司就开始探寻虚拟现实技术了。2000年年中,索尼用自己的PlayStation Eye和PlayStation 3测试了头部方位跟踪技术,随后就发售了头盔式显示器原型机,即大家熟悉的HMD。索尼勇于允诺到2016年初就发售消费级虚拟现实产品,凭借的正是该公司在这一领域耕耘多年的底气。But key to the company’s VR bid is achieving adoption among its existing customers—those that own PlayStation gaming consoles. Instead of competing with that revenue stream, Sony would rather bring virtual reality technology to customers by creating an experience that marries the two.不过,这一计划的关键在于,索尼能否促成自己的现有用户,也就是那些已享有PlayStation游戏机的玩家,尝试虚拟现实技术。

索尼并不想让这种设备与游戏机抢夺收益,而是期望通过两者融合所建构的体验,将虚拟现实技术带来用户。“We don’t believe that VR is necessarily going to replace the conventional games that people have been playing and developers have been making for over 25 years,” says Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. “VR will give developers another way to entertain people. You’ll see even more variety of gaming experience by having the VR option.”索尼电脑娱乐公司全球工作室总裁吉田修平称之为:“我们毫无疑问,虚拟现实技术一定会代替过去25年来玩家仍然玩游戏、开发商仍然制作的传统游戏。虚拟现实技术只不过是开发商讨好玩家的另一种方式。

有了虚拟现实技术,大家就不会看见更加多有所不同的游戏体验。”Its demonstrations at GDC were a preview of that strategy. Two games—London Heist, about a diamond robbery gone bad, and The Deep, which pits you mano-a-mano against a shark with only a cage for protection—showed off experiences that prompted the VR wearer to stand up, sit down, and lean. Sony says it has worked with partners as diverse as NASA and automakers to explore different virtual-reality gameplay experiences.索尼在游戏开发者大会上所展出的两款游戏,只是这一战略的预演。




Sony is also betting that a plug-and-play approach will help spur adoption of its VR bundle among console owners. “When you buy a Morpheus kit and connect it to your PS4, it just works without needing to set up any drivers or download anything,” says Richard Marks, senior director of research and development at Sony Computer Entertainment. “We want people to have a very easy gameplay experience. Since everybody’s PS4 is exactly the same, it’s easier for developers to make sure that the games and experiences they create are great for all consumers.”索尼还大胆预计,即插即用的方法不会促成其游戏机用户售予虚拟现实产品包在。索尼电脑娱乐公司高级研发总监理查德o马克斯声称:“如果卖一台‘梦神’套装,把它联上PS4游戏机,需要设置任何驱动或iTunes任何东西就能用。我们期望玩家能很精彩地取得这种游戏体验。


鉴于所有人的PS4都一模一样,开发者就更容易打造出让所有消费者都失望的游戏和体验。”There is still much work to be done as Sony heads toward a global consumer launch for Morpheus. The company continues to refine its VR headset—the latest version carries a 5.7-inch OLED display—and it is collaborating with game developers to invent new experiences with the technology. “VR is such a new medium that developers have to learn how to design around the new paradigm to create great experiences,” Yoshida says. “That requires a lot of learning and communication with developers.”要向全球玩家发售“梦神”,索尼还有大量工作要做到。该公司正在之后完备其头戴式设备——最新款配备了一块5.7英寸的OLED屏,并于是以与游戏开发商合作,期望利用这项技术建构全新体验。吉田称之为:“虚拟现实技术是一种全新的媒介,开发者必需学会如何环绕这种新的范式来打造出绝佳的体验。

这必须开发者大量自学,了解交流。”And consumers. A key factor in selling virtual reality? Unless you physically try it, it’s a technology that’s hard to wrap your head around.消费者是虚拟现实技术能否大买的最重要因素。

你很难将这种技术设备套在消费者的头上,除非他们不愿亲身尝试。“Getting millions of people to understand how amazing VR experiences are is a big challenge,” Yoshida says. “We start with events like GDC where we let people try it, get excited about it, and tell their friends.”吉田回应:“要让成千上万玩家都明白虚拟现实体验是何等迷人是众多挑战。所以我们要从游戏开发者大会这样的活动应从,玩家体验它,明白它多么激动人心,再行口口相传告诉他朋友们。




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