亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载,亚博全站登录手机网页版-Facebook is taking another stab at reducing the amount of clickbait in your news feed.Facebook正在为增加“信息流”中的“标题党”做到新的尝试。These are headlines that intentionally leave out crucial information, forcing people to click to find out the answer, the company said in an announcement on Thursday.周四,Facebook宣告:“有许多标题无意遗漏关键信息,被迫人们点进来找寻答案。”In other words: The headline on this story better be pretty specific.换句话说:故事中的标题必须更为明确。

Publishers larYabo亚博全站APP登录官网入口ge and small pay very close attention to every adjustment of the Facebook algorithm, since the social network drives so much traffic to news and entertainment web sites.因为这家社交网站为新闻和娱乐网站获取了大量流量,所以无论大小发行人一直紧密注目着Facebook规则系统里的每一个调整。The company made a big change at the end of June that was meant to prioritize posts from friends over posts from brands and publishers.6月末,Facebook作出了将朋友公布的信息置放品牌和发行商的启动时之上的极大转变。Thursdays change is not as sweeping, but it will still affect what you see in the news feed, and it will affect how web sites produce news.相比之下,周四的调整并没那么完全,然而它依然不会影响你在“信息流”中看见的内容以及网站制作新闻的方式。


Facebook is targeting headlines like -- this is an example they came up with -- When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS... I Was SHOCKED!“当她看沙发垫下面的时候找到了这个……我都愤慨了!”诸如此类的标题是Facebook的压制对象。Facebook staffers Alex Peysakhovich and Kristin Hendrix said in a blog post that the company has built a system to detect clickbait headlines.Facebook旗下员工亚历克斯为首萨克维奇和克莉丝汀亨德里克斯在博客中回应公司早已“创建了一个检测‘标题党’的系统。”It is similar to how many email spam filters work, they wrote. Our system identifies posts that are clickbait, and which web domains and Pages these posts come from. Links from or shared from Pages that consistently post clickbait headlines will appear lower in News Feed. News Feed will continue to learn over time — If a Page stops posting clickbait headlines, their posts will stop being impacted by this change.他们在文中写到:“类似于屏蔽垃圾邮件的方式,我们的系统辨识哪些公布的内容归属于‘标题党’以及它们网站域名和网页来源。



”Clickbait has been a scourge of the web for several years. But the term means different things to different people. So Thursdays announcement will be parsed by publishers for details about what Facebook thinks it is.“标题党”是网络多年的祸害。但是有所不同的人对其又具有有所不同的解读。所以,周四的通告将被发行商们就什么是Facebook所谓的“标题党”展开细剖。Peysakhovich and Hendrix define it this way:为首萨克维奇和亨德里克斯是这么说明的:If the headline withholds information required to understand what the content of the article is and if the headline exaggerates the article to create misleading expectations for the reader.辨别的标准是如果标题“蓄意掩饰有助解读文章内容的信息”以及“夸大其词,从而误导读者”。

Entire networks of web sites exist to win traffic through these types of headlines.所有的网站都不存在通过这类标题来夺得浏览量的现象。The announcement didnt address whether sponsored posts -- that is, posts that sites pay Facebook to bring more visitors to -- would also be penalized for clickbait headlines.在通告中,公司未说明网站向Facebook缴付以保证更加多浏览量的“赞助商帖”否会因“标题党”而不受惩处。This is the second time Facebook has specifically tried to tamp down on the behavior. A round of algorithm tweaks to address clickbait were announced in August 2014.这是Facebook第二次专门压制这类不道德。

在2014年8月,官方曾宣告积极开展一轮针对压制“标题党”的系统微调。Back then, the company acknowledged that the algorithm was inadvertently rewarding such stories, because the links tend to get a lot of clicks, but users found the stories to be unsatisfying.那时候,公司否认系统不会不经意间偏爱这样的文章,因为它们往往更容易获得“更高的点击率”,但是用户却常常责怪。


Two years later, this remains true, Facebook said.Facebook回应,尽管早已过去两年,情况依旧。Why does the company care if youre satisfied by the links you click? Because the happier you are with your Facebook experience, the more often youll come back to Facebook.为什么这家公司如此在乎你页面链接时的满意度呢?因为你的Facebook体验就越感觉,你回来用于Facebook的频率就越高。【亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载,亚博全站登录手机网页版】。



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