【亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载,亚博全站登录手机网页版】Nobody knows what the world is going to look like when the things around us get smarter -- when more and more of them are equipped with tiny radios that are connected to the Web.没有人告诉,当我们周围更加多的物品加装了联网的微型无线信号接收器,从而显得更加智能化时,世界不会变为什么样。Which is what makes the so-called Internet of Things(IoT, per Wikipedia) so interesting, especially now that Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) have begun to show their hands.所谓的“物联网”(按照维基百科的众说纷纭叫Internet of Things, LOT)正是因此妙趣横生,特别是在是现在,谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)也要开始大显身手了。Google has been experimenting with Internet-connected eye glasses, and in January it spent $3.2 billion to acquire Nest Labs, the leading purveyor of smart thermostats and smoke detectors. With Nest, it also got Tony Fadell, an ambitious ex-Apple engineering VP whose previous claim to fame was the iPod.谷歌正在测试联网眼镜。

今年1月,这家公司以32亿美元并购了智能恒温控制器和烟雾探测器的领先制造商Nest Labs。随着Nest而来的,还有雄心勃勃的前苹果工程副总裁托尼o法德尔,他曾因iPod广为人知。



Apple has been seeding its stores with iBeacons -- miniature BlueTooth detectors for communicating with iPhones -- and it is rumored to be set to unveil, perhaps as early as next weeks developers conference, two new platforms: One for monitoring your health and one for controlling your home.苹果也在著手打造出iBeacons,这是一款用作与iPhone通信的微型蓝牙探测器。还有传闻回应,苹果最慢可能会在下周的开发者大会上发布两个新的平台:一个用作监控人们的身体健康状况,另一个用作管理人们的房间。

Who will make tomorrows smart devices and how they will interact with one another is anybodys guess.人们都在猜测,谁将不会是未来智能设备的生产商,他们又将如何同其他设备展开对话。One vision, writes Benedict Evans, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, is that all these devices will work on common, open standards, and talk to each other and interact in clever ways. And so, if you walk into the house with someone your security camera doesnt recognise and your calendar mentions date, some sort of unified learning-based system will dim the lights, turn up the thermostat and start playing Barry White.风险投资公司安德森o霍洛维茨基金(Andreessen Horowitz)合伙人本尼迪克特o埃文斯写到:“有种观点指出,所有这些产品都将按照联合的对外开放标准设计,彼此需要以智能的方式展开交流和对话。如此一来,如果你与一位监控摄像机无法辨识的人走出房间,而你的日历中写出着‘约会’,那么某种一体化的学习型系统就不会徵亮灯光、关上恒温器,同时播出巴里o怀特高亢性感的乐曲。The Barry White scenario is unlikely, Evans points out, given the history of earlier technologies that achieved First World ubiquity -- the small electric motor, for example, or the computer chip. They generally dont share data unless they come packaged in a single device -- a well-eqipped automobile, for example.不过埃文斯认为,根据在发达国家构建过的那些早期技术的先例——比如小型电动机或电脑芯片,这种巴里o怀特式的情景不太可能经常出现。

各种产品一般来说会分享数据,除非它们被加装在同一种设备中——比如装备齐全的汽车。Apple and Google would love to be the company that cashes in on -- or at least controls -- whatever turns out to be IoT equivalent of a modern automobile, with its hundreds of integrated chips and battery-powered activators. But theyre approaching it from different angles -- angles that play to eachs strengths.苹果和谷歌期望利用成百上千的构建芯片及用于电池的转录器,从只不过是一辆智能汽车的物联网中利润,或者最少取得对它的掌控权。不过他们实现目标的途径有所不同——双方正在从各自的强项应从。Many wearables feel like they should be satellites for a smartphone, writes Evans, either as a remote sensor or a remote display, but the value ... comes from the cloud-based analytics: is it more useful to know how many hours you slept or to get big-data based suggestions as to when you should go to sleep and when you should set your alarm? iBeacon is [a] fascinating part of this dynamic, because iBeacons themselves are not connected to anything, but they add intelligence to the physical world. So every wall orYabo亚博全站APP登录官网入口 retail display or suitcase or package can become a piece of data.埃文斯写出:“许多可穿着设备都指出自己应该沦为智能手机的卫星产品,无论是当作它的遥测器还是远程显示器,但是它们的价值……产生于以云为基础的分析能力:告诉你每天要睡觉多少小时;或就是指大数据中获得建议:应该何时入眠,应该设置几点的睡觉闹钟,这样是不是更为简单?iBeacon在这个过程中具有令人著迷的展现出。


因为它们并不与其他产品连接,却给物质世界带给了智能。如此一来,每一堵墙、每一排零售陈列柜、每一只手提箱、每一个包覆都能沦为一部分数据。”That is, sometimes the device is dumb glass (or a dumb sensor), driven by the cloud. And sometime the cloud is dumb storage, driven by the device.“也就是说,有时设备只是一块被云驱动的无法说出的玻璃(或无法说出的感应器)。

而有时云则是由设备驱动的傻瓜式存储器。”Theres an interesting Apple/Google dynamic here, writes Evans. If most of these things are some combination of smartphone satellite and cloud end-point, where is the value and control? Apples hardware/software integration means its best-placed to make things work well, but Google is better placed to do much of the cloud stuff.埃文斯说道:“苹果和谷歌的发展动向十分有意思。





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