Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the cloud is vital to his company’s future.微软公司(Microsoft)首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德纳回应,云对微软公司的未来至关重要。“We want to empower every individual and every organization to thrive,” Nadella said at an event in San Francisco on Monday.周一他在旧金山一个活动现场回应:“我们期望让每个人和每个机构都能发展壮大。”It’s a message that he hopes potential business clients will take to heart as he tries to lift Microsoft’s fortunes after a year of upheaval during which he replaced longtime leader Steve Ballmer. His company is under attack like never been before from rivals like Google and Apple along with an array of companies focused on corporations.微软公司去年经历了主帅更迭的动荡不安期,长年领导者史蒂夫o鲍尔默卸任,纳德纳接掌。



Nadella emphasized again and again that Microsoft wants business customers, small and large, to use its data centers for storing digital files, housing software and crunching numbers. To hammer the message home, Nadella name-dropped companies already using Microsoft’s cloud already.纳德纳一再强调,微软公司期望大大小小的商业用户都能用于该公司的数据中心存储数字文件、内部软件并处置数据。为了把这个点子说道明白,纳德纳特地列出了早已使用微软公司云的大公司以勇声势:There’s NBC, which uses Microsoft’s cloud services to live-stream video. Fashion retailer Paul Smith relies on Microsoft’s data centers to back up its digital files. Meanwhile, German elevator-maker ThyssenKrupp stores data from 1.1 million elevators like speed and motor temperatures in Microsoft’s server farms.比如,全国广播公司(NBC)就将微软公司云服务用作流媒体视频。时尚品牌零售商Paul Smith靠着微软公司的数据中心来备份其数字文件。

同时,德国电梯业巨头蒂森克虏伯公司(ThyssenKrupp)则将110万台电梯的速度、电机温度等数据存储于微软的服务器群组。In an effort to show how useful its cloud services can be in a global crisis, Nadella said Microsoft would make its cloud services available to medical researchers tackling the Ebola epidemic, as well as research capable of helping with discovering a vaccine. Nadella did not say whether Microsoft would charge for the services.为了指出微软公司云服务在一场全球性危机中需要充分发挥多大的起到,纳德拉称,微软公司将让相反攻下埃博拉病毒的医药研究人员获取云服务,以及那些有助找到疫苗的研究。不过,他并没解释微软公司否不会对这些服务收费。Microsoft MSFT 1.03% peddled “The Cloud” long before Nadella became CEO nearly eight months ago. Although Microsoft still dominates software sales in the declining PC business with a 90%-plus market share, it only has a 14% share among mobile devices, Nadella said at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in July.早于在纳德加深8个月前兼任首席执行官之前,微软公司就仍然在贩卖自己的“云”。

在7月份的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会(Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech )上,纳德拉称,在当前大大下降的PC行业中,尽管微软公司改以90%以上的市场份额占有软件行业的主导地位,但在移动设备领域。其市场份额仅有14%。Considering how far behind it is in mobile, Microsoft is trying to aggressively grow its pure business services. It’s an area in which the company has always done well and faces less competitoin from the likes of Google and Apple, which dominate the consumer space.正是鉴于该公司在移动领域正处于十分被动的地位,微软公司才要大力推展其显商业服务的发展。

这是微软公司长期以来仍然业绩出众的专属领域,并且很少遭遇谷歌和苹果这类霸主消费领域输掉的风化。In the four years since introducing Azure, its main cloud platform, Microsoft has been fiercely battling Amazon AMZN 0.85% and its cloud service, Amazon Web Services, on features and pricing. Indeed, Microsoft introduced more than 300 new features to its service over the past 12 months alone.在发售其主要云平台Azure之后的4年中,微软公司仍然都在和亚马逊公司(Amazon)及其云服务“亚马逊网络服务”(Amazon Web Services)在性能和价格上白热化竞争。实质上,仅有过去12个月以来,微软公司就在其服务中发售了多达300种新功能。


On Monday, Microsoft showed off yet more new services that are meant to undercut the competition. Those included a faster kind of “virtual machine,” or simulated computer system, dubbed the “G family,” with twice the memory of Amazon’s virtual machines and four times the memory of Google’s GOOG 1.89% .周一,微软公司展出了更好目的巩固输掉的新服务,其中还包括一种被戏称为“G家族”(G family)、速度更慢的“虚拟机”,或称之为模拟机系统,其存储容量是亚马逊虚拟机的两倍,谷歌虚拟机的四倍。This year may prove to be a watershed for Microsoft. Its cloud business currently generates $4.4 billion in annual revenues. But Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund estimated in August the company will become the largest cloud business by the end of the year with around $5.8 billion in annual revenues. By contrast, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce.com would make $5.5 billion, he said. And even if Microsoft doesn’t hit those numbers, it has more cash to burn — $77 billion — which it can funnel into its cloud products, if needed. Promised Nadella: “This is just the start.”今年可能会是微软公司的分水岭。其云业务目前的年收入为44亿美元。但野村证券(Nomura)分析师里克o薛伦8月预测称之为,今年年底微软公司就将以大约58亿美元的年收入沦为规模仅次于的云企业。





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